Dam and Lock Driel

2013-10-19. This time no urbex photo’s on wootabulous.com, but images of proper dutch engineering / architecture. Hope you like this for a change. Today i visited ‘Stuwcomplex Driel’ which is a dam and lock near the town of ‘Driel’ in The Netherlands. The weir in Driel is supposed to shut when the water is getting dangerous low. For photographers like me it’s a beautiful piece of machinery. Only for this reason i drove an hour and a half to visit these waterworks. After driving along the Neder-Rijn canal i arrived at the site and grabbed my photography gear. This is the first image i captured:

Stuwcomplex Driel
After that i noticed i could not get closer to the dam and lock because there was a closed gate in front of the path leading to the complex. A sign was attached to it saying ‘entry prohibited’. I decided i could maybe walk thru the fields/grass to get closer to the object, but then i had to climb over barbwire. I made up my mind and climbed over the gate. After that i quickly captured this image:

Stuwcomplex Driel
Before i could get into trouble i went back to where my car was parked; the safe zone. I thought it would be nice to capture at least one image in front of the complex, but then i had to think of a way to get there. Only a few hundred meters away i saw a small street that could bring me closer to the river so ofcourse i went there. Now i only had to climb one barbwired fence, but that went very easy. I made it! After a short walk back along the riverside i stopped to capture the last image:

Stuwcomplex Driel
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